3D Models of Lacquer and Wooden Objects from Mawangdui Tomb no. 1

I digitized these models from the originals, which were on loan from the Hunan Provincial Museum to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art for the exhibition, The Nobles Tombs of Mawangdui. They are permanently hosted on the Sketchfab.com website.

This painted wooden model was a lady serving figurine, found in the north chamber of the tomb, which represented the dining room of Lady Dai. A banquet was placed on a tray for the Lady, with servants and musicians arrayed before her.

This lacquer box was found inside a larger box that held several smaller boxes for combs, tweezers, hair extensions, and other toiletry objects. It was excavated from tomb no. 1 at Mawangdui in 1973. It dates to ca. 168 BCE.

For a lecture on the finds from Mawangdui, see my Lectures page.