Virtual Tour of the Site of Mycenae

This is the opening screenshot of the tour. You can navigate to just the 360 panoramas by following the arrow on the ground, or you can systematically explore the site using the thumbnail map at the upper right. The tour is compatible with all browsers, phones, and iPads, as well as major virtual reality headsets.

Click Here to Begin the Tour

 I created a virtual tour of the famous Bronze Age citadel in Greece at Mycenae. There are 360 panoramas of famous vistas from the site, including inside the monumental tholos tomb “The Treasury of Atreus,” as well as a 360 video walk-in to the site through the famous “Lion Gate.” Using the thumbnail map of the site, the user can bring up informational panels and panoramas of its various features. It also includes slideshows of objects from the wealthy tombs in Grave Circle A and Grave Circle B. Thanks to Professor John Lee of UCSB for taking me on a tour of the site in 2019!