Father and son catalogue a research library

imageMy son Jordan and I are working on a project I have been meaning to get to for a long time.  I have well over one thousand books in my faculty offices. Most of these are about China or Egypt, and they are in a variety of languages.  It has become harder each year to remember where each of them is located in my offices.  Also, I tend to loan books to students for project on a regular basis, and I loose track of who has my books.

vistalogoSo, Jordan and I are entering all of my books into a computer book database called Readerware (www.readerware.com).  We then print Library of Congress spine labels for each book, and stamp the inside with a custom stamp that reads “Scribe of History” (left) in a combination of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs and Chinese characters.  Now, I will be able to look up my books from anywhere, since the program also has a mobile app, and I can record which ones I have loaned out to students.